Christmas Storage

Decorating for the holidays is often an exciting activity that families look forward to every year. But let’s be honest, no one like taking all their decoration down. YardFreaks has the perfect solution to help you efficiently pack your decorations up stay organized until next year.

Whether you're looking for a holiday tree storage bag, ornament box or multi-use bag, Yard Freaks has you covered!

Ornament Storage Boxes

Protect precious or antique ornaments in these boxes.

Christmas Light Keeper Storage Bag and Winders

Store your Christmas light so they won’t be tangled next season. Our Bags and Winders are perfect for the strands you use outdoors or indoors.

Artificial Tree Storage Bag

If the box that your tree originally came in has seen better days, swap it out for a durable storage bag.

Multi-Use Storage Bags

The perfect solution for storing inflatable or old shapely decorations.

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Grid List

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